«What is the purpose of Ressource - Coaching?  »

I created Ressource Coaching because it seemed essential to me that everyone could be able to pursue their ambitions, achieve their personal and professional goals.

For instance, to assert oneself and to be authentic in order to succeed and flourish. In my opinion, it spreads through all aspects of personal and professional life.

In the same way, it seems essential to me to support companies as a complex  system so that it reaches its objectives and the ones of their employees.

«Why did you go from manager and department head in the trading industry to a large multinational company, to your own consulting firm? »

I feel that in order to be able to advise and help others, you need to have effective experience in the business world.


My previous experience of seven years allowed me to closely approach the management of a multinational company, the management of a team, and, while I continued my training, I could measure and see the problems of people around me.

Today by creating my own company, I measure the difficulties, the hardships, that meet the creators of companies in particular to communicate about their work, to find customers and to ensure a decent remuneration, which is the aim of all companies.

« Precisely, to whom do you address your services exactly and what can you bring to those you accompany? »

I work with individuals (I coach, for example, people who want to change of careers, develop personal projects, find a new job...).


I work also with teams, or even SMEs. I think that at any time, people like companies want to progress, change, develop and they need external looks to take stock, to question themselves, to discover their possibilities (often more important than those they had considered until then).


But it is precisely when this imperative of change occurs, that both individuals and businesses have their "nose to the ground" and are afraid of change.


That's when I intervene with my personal resources: my listening, my availability, my reliability -  because I pledge to follow people to the end - the speed and finesse of my analysis, and my frankness also because I have the will to be transparent.


I also put at their service, the resources acquired during certifying training in human relations, training that I have done and that I continue to do: I put at their disposal tools such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming), project management techniques, coaching, Transactional Analysis,  but in the most natural way possible. I also have an MBA in International Business, which allows me to understand business issues.

« What are your commitments to your customers? »

I pledge to my customers that they will progress if they trust me and open up to me.

The results are different for each person, for each team. It is difficult to quantify in this area.


So far, those who worked with me seem rather satisfied with my services!

I insist very much on my availability of spirit towards them, because I immerse myself completely in their world, I use their words, I share their values.

I support them in their goals while making sure that they do it in a healthy way and that they do not create another problem by setting one!


In the case of structures, I put all my sense of organization at their disposal and I can show them how to optimize their resources. As in hypnosis, it's the "client" who does the job! It is he who, by his work, his determination, his ability to accept to leave his comfort zone, will ensure his own success; it is sometimes difficult or even painful! But after will come such happiness!

« What tools do you use?»

I work mainly with two types of tools.

Structural tools that come from project management, management, organization.


And tools related to emotions. I use Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Nonviolent Communication.

«What are the main difficulties encountered in the practice of your profession?»

Those of any business start-up: to be known in its environment, essentially the canton of Geneva where I live.

Also, I need to communicate well skills and achievements, without being pretentious but without false modesty . And perhaps the most delicate thing is to get paid correctly for my work; indeed, for those who have never done coaching, it is not easy to perceive the profitability of a work on oneself and the relevant analysis of your own working and market environments.

« Tell us one of your greatest successes.»

My work is done confidentially. However, I can share with you that I accompanied a struggling self-employed, helped him redefine his goals to have a better balance of life, and we managed to reach them :).


Training, counseling and coaching people in the development of their personal and professional potential brings me a sense of accomplishment and deep joy. I like the intellectual stimulation and creative strength that come from interviews with individuals and teams.

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